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TotalPlay Social Voicemail

TotalPlay™ Social Voicemail for Smartphones

Hey, do you want to be a trendsetter? Do you want to be able to share a special voicemail message on Facebook? TotalPlay™ Social Voicemail takes visual voicemail to a whole new level with awesome new features and a direct connection into your Facebook life. TotalPlay gives you your caller's latest Facebook status and profile picture, greetings that can be personalized for all of your groups, text and audio of every message, and the ability to post any message you want, right to your Facebook wall. TotalPlay: social voicemail for a social world.

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Read-it Voicemail

Read-it Voicemail

Do you have a Smartphone? Do you have smart voicemail? uReach Labs created Read-it Voicemail for those who want a simple to use voicemail app that transcribes your messages and delivers them to your handset as email in seconds. Read the message in a third of the time as it takes you to listen to it!

October, 2010 Details »


TotalPlay™ Social Voicemail for Mobile Phones

You don't treat all of your callers the same way, why should your voicemail? TotalPlay allows you to handle each caller differently using features like call forwarding and customized greetings. Plus you'll get your messages transcribed and delivered as text via SMS or email. TotalPlay is a web-based Address Book housing all of your contacts, voicemail settings and messages. Since it is on the web, it allows you to manage and customize advanced social settings easily for your groups or contacts. It also provides a back up of your contacts on the Web in case anything happens to your phone.

August, 2010 Details »

Virtual Voicemail

Virtual Voicemail

Virtual Voicemail does away with everything that is inconvenient about voicemail today and just makes it simple. It delivers a transcription of your voice messages right to your handset as an SMS, so you can get your messages without interrupting what you're doing. The set up is entirely SMS-based and takes just a couple of minutes.

June, 2010 Details »